Aspen health sciences 

Bringing the future of pain & injury treatment to Physiotherapists, Doctors, Nurses, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Sports & Rehabilitation Specialists. 

We offer premium online courses from the best clinical experts.

Online courses produced & presented by internationally published & recognised clinical experts

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

All courses are produced for clinicians and  focussed on applying the best pain science evidence within clinical and rehabilitation settings.

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ASPEN HEALTH SCIENCES (incorporating Aspen Physio)

The best learning platform for physiotherapists around the world!

Aspen Heath Sciences provide high-quality online education for Physiotherapists, Doctors, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Sports & Rehabilitation specialists and Heathcare workers who treat people with pain and neuromusculoskeletal related injury


We constantly strive to be the best online learning platform for clinicians around the world who treat people with pain and neuromusculoskeletal injuries.


To provide access to the highest quality 'clinician specific' online pain science education.


Each of our clinical experts have been selected for their extensive knowledge and experience within the fields of pain science, physical therapy, neuroscience and rehabilitation medicine.

Our Courses

Become part of the 'Pain Revolution'

Enrolling on an Aspen Health Sciences course brings you all of the benefits of our online education and training courses. Improving your knowledge and understanding of contemporary pain science and most importantly knowing how to apply this in a clinical setting to improve the pain and lives of your patients.
Why Choose Us

We offer the best evidence-based education and training in treating pain and injury.

Are you are a healthcare professional or someone who works with people in pain?
Would like to be able to confidently explain to your patients important factors for their recovery, such as the healing time-lines for their injury?
Would you like to be able to comprehensively explain why their pain has not resolved weeks, months, or years after their injury has healed?
Why their pain started and continued despite having no obvious injury or cause?
Why their pain has not been cured or resolved after receiving surgery, 'hands on' treatments, medication, acupuncture, electrotherapy, and using all sorts of other devices, pills, potions, and rubs?
Would you like to be able to use the highest levels of evidence-based clinical reasoning to inform your explanations, treatment, and rehabilitation of your patients giving them the best possible chance of recovery?

We have been treating, researching, writing, and educating about pain and injury for over 30-years.
By enrolling, you are choosing a highly evidence-based programme that has been meticulously prepared to support your journey of learning and applying pain science into your everyday clinical practice.

Easy platform

We provide a modern, easy to use platform that allows you to study and learn at your convenience. Download video to watch lectures, read text, and participate in optional learning exercises to help consolidate your knowledge. Obtain continuous professional development (CPD) credits.

Best Service

It is a bold statement and we do not say this lightly but we are confident that we produce the best and most extensive evidence-based courses on the clinical treatment and management of pain and injury. 

Expert Professionals

When it comes to learning about pain and its treatment, our professional educators and cutting edge evidence-based content will make our learning library your go-to education provider.
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